Mossad Urges Netanyahu to Bomb Alleged Iranian Sub Base

According to George Webb, Israel has discovered a secret Iranian Submarine base. After the chemical weapons fiasco the sheer gall of this announcement is impressive.  Never mind the fact that Webb is a member of the Mossad .  Nevertheless, he calmly states that Israel will strike within 24 to 48 hours.

Webb began making videos shortly after Trump was elected, leveling dramatic accusations at Hillary and Huma Abedin concerning their relations with the ISI, the Inter-Service Intelligence, the premier intelligence service of Pakistan.  However, these accusations would only be dramatic to people who hadn’t read the book Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons.  Pakistan has been engaging in ‘unauthorized proliferation activities’, and the United States has been covering it up.  For years.  Foreign trade in nuclear technology was Pakistan’s foreign policy.  But it’s worse than that.

For three decades, consecutive US administrations, Republican and Democrat, as well as the governments in Britain and other European countries, had allowed Pakistan to acquire highly restricted nuclear technology.  In a disastrous epoch, key state assets were then misdirected and countermanded in order to disguise how Pakistan had sold it on.  Intelligence gathering in the US was blunted while federal agencies, including the Departments of State and Defense, were corralled into backing the White House agenda and forced to sidestep Congress and break federal laws.  Officials who tried to stop the charade were rough-housed, smeared or purged, inflicting terrible damage on America and Europe’s ability to see sharply.  The US Congress played along too, by folding beneath White House pressure during a period in which political debate that dared level hard questions was portrayed as unpatriotic or even seditious.

This illicit trade was common knowledge before the US made the decision to go to war in Iraq.  Nevertheless, here is George Webb spelling out our doom.  If there are any military strategists out there who want to toss around possible strategies for Iran, now would be the time.  The Iranians surely know they are going to be attacked, but if they defend themselves or retaliate, they play into their enemies’ hands.

Here’s Netanyahu’s statement, which doesn’t mention the sub base:

George Webb commented on Netanyahu’s statement:



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