The United States is Dead

Some people in the media are still insisting that Trump’s election was the result of voters’ disgust with the establishment. I’ve never agreed with that. I think it was the establishment’s disgust with our rebellion against their rule that brought us Donald Trump. Trump was, and still is, their way of getting even. So I’ve been sort of mystified by everyone’s shock over his policies. It seems to me everything that has happened since his election was foreshadowed on the day he became president. Yes, his policies are shocking but they’re supposed to be shocking. Why give him the pleasure of hearing our pain? However, this administration’s decision to take children away from their mothers and fathers and to keep no record of their whereabouts changes everything. Our president is the child-trafficker-in-chief. He belongs in jail.

It is no longer enough to give speeches, sign petitions, donate money and call our congressmen, although we should be doing all of those things. We should also be waking up every morning under the crushing weight of dread that a parent who has lost his or her child suffers 24 hours a day. And we should each have an unrelenting determination to find that child as if it was our own. We could talk about how we might go about that—for example we could set up a phone service where people could report new Hispanic foster children in their neighborhood—but we can no longer ignore the source of this outrage.

I call for the impeachment of Donald Trump and the abolishment of his cabinet and their immediate imprisonment. I call for the dissolution of the Congress and the immediate imprisonment of congressmen and women who have voiced support for this abomination. I call for the imprisonment of the billionaire backers who are responsible for this administration. And finally, I call for the immediate deportation of Melania Trump.

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