Selling Anti-Semitism

Some people can’t resist a challenge, for example those who are determined to revive anti-semitism. The ugliness and shame of World War II and the memory of its anti-semitic beginnings is permanently stamped into the world’s consciousness, but they never stop trying to paint the Jewish people as the problem.

Several tactics are used in this doomed effort. For example, they might try to re-arrange history. It is obvious to everyone, except the fascists, that it makes no sense to excuse anti-semitism by appealing to anti-semitism, but they seem oblivious to the weakness of their position. They either deny the Holocaust outright, or they present Adolf Hitler as a regular guy who reached the end of his rope. Alternatively, they claim that the number of Jews murdered in the war was a mere fraction of the official number. They were not six million Jews! No, not at all! They were not even a million. In fact, there were so few of them you can’t even call it a holocaust!

These claims are so outrageous, they need all the backing they can get, and it seems to me they have a lot of backing. Benjamin Netanyahu himself goes to great pains to act out every negative stereotype, while the media dutifully broadcasts his efforts. But outrageous claims also need a gullible audience. Is no one curious about the fact that Netanyahu is in league with the United States of Paperclip and the Evangelical Armageddon Party?

Anti-semitism is the mother of all divide-and-conquer tactics, but it is old news. Shame on us if we let it win with such a weak hand. The facts will never change: evil walked the earth during World War II and it hated the Jews most of all. But that’s what evil does—it hates. Everyone. If you don’t believe me, would you believe Hitler’s Youth?