Priests Are Being Attacked in the United States: Now I’ve Seen Everything

Someone has been attacking priests. It’s supposedly a response to the Pennsylvania investigation. We don’t know if these are organized attacks, or if several people just happened to have the same idea at the same time. It seems more likely it was organized, but either way it is insane behavior. Of all the things that have happened since this conversation began, this is the most shocking and disturbing. These priests have done nothing wrong. They were doing the best they could to serve their communities.

One of the attackers is quoted as saying, “This is for the little kids,” but he obviously knows nothing about kids. The kids I have known would have sympathy for the victim. This attacker’s decision to go out and find someone to beat up is entirely his responsibility.

Maybe for the time being, church members could make sure their priests are not left alone. As for the men who carried out the attacks, they should be very worried. These priests belong to the Creator. He will watch over them and bring their attackers to justice.

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