Israel Bombs Damascus

According to the YouTube channel of Syriana Analysis, Israel is bombing Syria. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that a major conflict is going to take place but the numbers for the current date in Syria, September 2, 2018 (Syria is 10 hours ahead of us), might look good to these people.

The value for September is 1. If you add 1+2+2+0+1+8 you get 14 or 5. Based on Christine Lagardes  emphasis on the number 7 I didn’t consider this a likely date for a war, but if you add 11, the value for Syria, to the number 5, you do get 7. Also, September 2 is the 245th day of the year, which adds up to 11. Eleven plus 7 is 18, or 9.

We knew they were crazy. I just pray they’re not that crazy.

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