The ‘Intellectual’ Dark Web

By following these links to YouTube videos you can observe the public implosion of conservative talking heads who have been lurking in the dark web of wannabe-eggheads.  Enjoy! The first one is Ben Shapiro’s interview with Andrew Neil. The next one demolishes the lies and errors told about socialism by these dark boy-wonders. Here’s one that showcases Jordan Peterson hoping no one notices his idiocy. And here’s Stefan Molyneux happily baiting everyone he can think of. In my opinion, even though these videos are critical of Molyneux, Peterson, Shapiro, and Crowder, they show respect by providing detailed refutations of their conservative talking points.  Considering the fact that these so-called intellectuals would not be saying anything at all if they weren’t being paid to do so, we have to assume that their ‘ideas’ are probably not coming from their own experience or from a desire to solve problems.  Therefore, when their critics take time to listen to them and carefully answer them, it is an act of great generosity.

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