The Republican Party’s Male Supremacy Problem

Republican tax cuts mostly benefit the very rich.  At the same time, Republicans claim that the inevitable reduction of revenue justifies cuts in social programs for the not-so-rich, and then they order American women to have more children.  When it is pointed out to them that families, and mothers in particular, perform a valuable service to the state and should be compensated rather than penalized, they legislate draconian anti-abortion bills.  We can only assume their behavior is not an oversight.  It is probably motivated by doctrines of male supremacy.

Male supremacy has always been one of the main components of fascism.  It has been argued that one of the triggers of fascism in the 1930s was the sudden inability of religion to control the female population.  Today, alt-right pundits claim great antiquity for their ideas, but they are no older than the early 20th century.  They would have to go back as far as the story of Abraham to understand the true parameters of male existence in this world–parameters including human sacrifice.  But it might be too late for us.

Abraham was spared the necessity of sacrificing his son, Isaac, but strictly speaking human sacrifice had not been necessary since the time of the covenant, which coincided with the circumcision of Abraham, Ishmael, and the other males of his household.  Circumcision is a substitute for human sacrifice.

Today, many non-believers are outraged that God would ask such a thing of Abraham.  Or it would be more correct to say they are outraged that anyone would believe in such a religion.  However the story of Abraham and Isaac was probably a reminder of the continuing indebtedness of the human race.

In ancient times women practiced small agriculture, or horticulture.  It was men who dug canals, changed the course of rivers, and ploughed large tracts of land.  And it was men who were sacrificed.  Human sacrifice was practiced by agricultural societies because agriculture was perceived to be an imposition on the earth.

The real problem that today’s alt-right men must address is the drastic mismatch between unrestrained male ambition and the natural world. They might say excess male ambition and energy indicates male ‘superiority’, but that claim can’t be justified in a time when we face the unavoidable consequences of this mismatch.    The precarious state of human existence on this earth indicates that the chief burden of being male is restraint.






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