Green New Deal Mass Action

Young people from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s home state, are confronting McConnell in DC today. Anyone who is close to DC is invited to join them. Everyone else can join today’s effort by flooding the Senate with calls. You can watch today’s action here:

Tomorrow will be a National Day of Action. “…[Activists] will be storming into offices, singing, dropping banners, rallying outside and making it clear that young people are ready to hold our politicians feet to the fire if they don’t co-sponsor the Green New Deal.”

If you have a plan for the 26th, you can put it on the map, here.

Emergency Call from the Oglala Sioux Tribe (Update: Provo, South Dakota)

An emergency situation is unfolding in the Provo, Utah South Dakota area of the Black Hills. The Trump administration has apparently revived applications from companies that want to use seismic testing to hunt for oil. The Obama administration rejected the applications but it was learned today that trucks are all set to begin testing tomorrow. The Oglala Sioux Tribe was not consulted about this and only received the paperwork today. The tribe has filed an injunction but they are asking anyone nearby to come and support them.

This land is especially sacred to the Sioux people. Directly under the area to be tested are the Wind Caves. This is the place where the Sioux people entered the world.

Aside from the insult to the sacred nature of the land, seismic tests pose a physical threat to everyone in the area. The former Black Hills Army Depot is in this area, between Provo and Edgemont at the edge of the Southern Black Hills, and it is feared that if the ground is disturbed chemicals could leach into the ground, and decommissioned weaponry could be set off. (John D. Taylor, Seismic crews want to test up to 46,000 acres northwest of Provo for oil and gas deposit, Hot Springs Star, May 2017.

This information is from Activatenow on FaceBook. (

I hope no one has made plane reservations to Utah. We were trying to ask her live on FaceBook exactly where she was but she was too upset. I should have known she was in South Dakota. Sorry!  I’ve been trying to get back here to correct it but suddenly both of my computers got slow.  

Resources for Water Protectors

If you’re looking for a good source of information on water protectors and their activities across the nation, check out the YouTube channel: The One and Only Power. Here you can get important news from all over the country as well as educational outreach.

In addition, I want to share the following video from Unesco announcing its 2017 World Water Development Report and World Water Day hosted by Unesco’s world water Assessment Program. World Water Day is tomorrow, March 22, 2017. If you are not familiar with Unesco see the website at: 1. []

The 2017 World Water Development Report deals with treating waste water to take forward the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goal 6: To assure access to water and sanitation for all. The report shows that wastewater management can facilitate access to sanitation, provide an alternative water source for cities, support farmers with water and nutrients and generate clean energy. This is the key message of the 2017 World Water Day. It will be hosted this year by the government of South Africa.

The Noose Tightens on Standing Rock

The police have moved the barricade closer to the camps and the water protectors are asking us to keep vigil with them.  Three hours ago there was no media presence at the camp.  However I heard more recently that The Young Turks has a reporter there–I assume it’s Jordan Chariton.  I’m getting this information from two groups on FaceBook, Nodapl and the Standing Rock Protectors group.

Chase Iron Eyes spoke about 8 or 9 hours ago and expressed his disappointment that the six bands that once showed their support to the water protectors are not there now.  Lately it’s occurred to me that the task of our generation my be a little different than I thought.  Rather than carry on a conversation, we all might be required to put ourselves in harm’s way.  When the time comes let’s hope we hear the call.

When I think of the water protectors facing the enemy alone tonight, I’m reminded of the Book of Matthew, 26: 36-46.  Jesus went to Gethsemane to pray and asked his disciples to watch with him, but when he returned to them they were asleep.

“And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?

“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Update: According to the BIA the people at the camp will not be removed tonight.  If and when the BIA tells people to leave they will have 30 days.

There is a national general strike Friday, February 17, with rallies taking place in several cities.  Don’t go to work or school and don’t purchase anything.  Hold peaceful protest, engage in community service, reach out to your representatives in Congress.  You can find more information here: 1. [Monique Svazlian Tallon, CPCC, There’s a Nation Strike Happening Friday. Here’s how you can participate.12/14/2017. Available:

Water Protectors Call for Mass Mobilization

This was published today by Democracy Now.

It is encouraging that the former Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell, has stepped in to this fight.  Jewell said Wednesday that the Army Corp of Engineers is violating its legal obligations as well as its promises to indigenous leaders to complete the environmental impact study.  The Army Corp is legally required to abide by the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act.  That has not been done in this case.